About Us


Established in 2017 by two best girlfriends, BU The Label is a Sydney based label specialising in the highest quality silk and linen garments, essential to the modern girls wardrobe.
The idea was simple. Quality over quantity...and try not to break the bank while we're at it. 
We make clothes for modern girls, by the girls that get them. BU The Label’s ethical approach to luxury garments is committed to maintaining a high standard of practice and support towards the movement of #slowfashion
All our clothing is handmade by our amazing tailor in India. We bought him a new sewing machine and employed him full time so he could earn a better salary for his family. We work with India’s local tailors and fabric suppliers to ensure a fair work ethic. Every time you wear a piece of BU, you are helping out so many families
We want women to be who they are and feel great doing it, because we're doing this for U xx